BuxPool welcome page (snapshot)

Online since: November 2009
Member count: 11,032 as of Feb 2nd, 2011
Pay per click: $0.002 - $0.003
Pay per referral click: 15% downline earnings (free member)
Minimum cashout: $1.00
Cashout wait time: 24 hours

I found this PTC site while clicking on some ptc ads, I decided to join and see what Buxpool is all about. I was impressed with the tidy layout of the website, and when I went to the "view ads" section, it was pleasing to see ads were paying $0.002 per click (anything over $0.001 is worth clicking in my opinion). Buxpool uses its own unique countdown timer, good to see it doesn't rely on other common ptc countdown timers we've all seen before :-) So the big "will I get paid?" question. Does Buxpool pay or are they cheap scam? When I reached the $1 minimum payout, I requested payout. Within 24hrs, payment was into my paypal account. So far, so good for Buxpool, I will continue to remain a member at this site as I have full trust in Buxpool. I have purchased some advertising and have received good communication via emails to the Buxpool admin.

Pros: This PTC site pays, has trusted admin. You generally earn $0.002 per click, and the ads are quick loading. Fast payments, within 24hrs! Low cashout at just $1.00
Cons: To earn from your referrals clicks, you must view the ads yourself, or you will not earn from your referrals clicks on the same day.

                                                          Payment proof (snapshot)

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